We seek by thoughts and prayers—what?

Apple and Pear watercolor, by William Eaton, Sep 2017et sepultus resurrexit, certum est, quia impossible

(And, buried, He rose again: it is certain, because impossible)

— Tertullian, De Carne Christi


We seek by thoughts and prayers—what?

If we are to be saved, it

must be by something of which we

(excepting Jesus) are currently ignorant.


And thus there are those whose guts

tell them that somewhere deeper sits

miraculous truths our science, freed

from old and wishful thinking, can transplant.


Yet mortality seems the deeper rut

knowledge of which enslaves our wit,

and our hearts and our dreams and hopes, it seems,

depend on something science cannot implant.


William Eaton



Tertullian’s great paradox has made previous appearances in Montaigbakhtinian, most notably in an essay based on a Hollywood movie, Men in Black 3. See Certum est quia impossibile and also Conversation . . . Evil . . . Emerson . . . Jesus . . . Conversation.

I consider myself the most atheistic (or simply, thoroughly skeptical?) person I know (and who perhaps could be).

“Mais tu ne meurs pas de ce que tu es malade ; tu meurs de ce que tu es vivant.” — Montaigne, “De l’expérience.” But you don’t die of your sickness ; you die because you are alive. (Montaigne is, in fact, reprising Seneca, from Letter 78 to Lucilius, On the healing power of the mind: “morieris, non quia aegrotas, sed quia vivis.”)

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We seek by thoughts and prayers – what

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