El ala española del museo

Poetry is nudes that stay nude

Nudity may count for less and less. But to appear out of step with our times! (Horreur !) Poema en tres versiones (espagnol, français et l’anglais original). And apologies to Ezra Pound as regards the title! (Artwork is a watercolor of a naked female swimmer, legs spread — plunging too optimistically into the future?) Text now comes complete with an “Addendum concerning John Ruskin’s horror of his wife’s public hair.”

Good Friday Viernes Santo Vendredi saint (poem)

A poem about a belligerent tourist in Costa Rica, and with a tip of a large cap to Freud’s sage, prescient, sad observation (as translated in Civilization and Its Discontents): “It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive the blows. ” The accompanying art is after la Madonna con Bambino of Luca Signorelli, in the collection of la Pinacoteca di Brera, a Milano.

A la Villa Blanca

Short, perhaps unsettling “fait divers” (anecdote) about an encounter in the mountains of Costa Rica. Illegal adoption may be the subject? The text is offered in three versions: Spanish, English and French. Artwork has been computer generated from a landscape drawing of a small mountain church.