Listening for the Unconscious


FROM NO SEQUENCE 2004? I find little more stirring than the sight of a sleek female swimmer doing the crawl through the clear waters of a swimming pool. It is not the feeling—to see more, underneath, inside—that I might have… Read More ›

In Winter

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 January 2013 At times when driving, I have not only felt sleepy but have felt, as the saying goes, “lulled to sleep.” In these moments I have not pictured some horrible car crash that might result, nor… Read More ›

Not Me Desires

FROM SEQUENCE 5 January 2004 Apropos of nothing in particular, it seemed at the time, a colleague in North Carolina once said something to me about how people who moved to California ended up sad. Her idea was a variation… Read More ›

We floss, Lord

LISTENING FOR THE UNCONSCIOUS Fall 2009 According to a book on the laws of the holiday Yom Kippur, the Talmud states, “Yom Kippur atones for those who repent and does not atone for those who do not repent”. To aid… Read More ›