Month: April 2012

Of courtesy

FROM SEQUENCE 2 March 2000 We might urge people to do unto others, etc., or, per Kant, to act only in accord with a principle that they would at the same time will to be universal law, but we should… Read More ›

The palest of intimacies

FROM SEQUENCE 2 March 2000 Many men, I assume, have fantasies that involve dispensing with the negotiations and preliminaries of civilized sexual conquest. For instance, seeing an attractive woman—a waitress, perhaps, a woman at a conference, in a hotel—they imagine… Read More ›

The Master

FROM SEQUENCE 2 March 2000 (minor adjustments in 2016)   For decades I have been fascinated by a particular Zen story. A young man climbs the steepest of steep mountains to reach the home of the wisest master of all…. Read More ›