Month: May 2019

Soho Selfie

Memory-filled story poem by an aging man who carries a large board from Metropolitan Lumber in Soho through once vibrant New York neighborhoods to Stuyvesant Town. Illustration consists of quick sketches done by William Eaton at a Hauser & Wirth press preview, with a quotation from the British artist Phyllida Barlow. Also recalled: Jill Clayburgh in “An Unmarried Woman.”

All you need to know about New York City in 2019

Short poem about wastebaskets, mailboxes, fear of bombs, more waste, and those few people – is this what they call us? – who have yet to make it possible for phone, Internet, entertainment and credit-card companies to take money directly from our bank accounts whenever they wish. Artwork is a non-figurative drawing made during a recent session of the Woodstock Drumming Circle.

Poetry is nudes that stay nude

Nudity may count for less and less. But to appear out of step with our times! (Horreur !) Poema en tres versiones (espagnol, français et l’anglais original). And apologies to Ezra Pound as regards the title! (Artwork is a watercolor of a naked female swimmer, legs spread — plunging too optimistically into the future?) Text now comes complete with an “Addendum concerning John Ruskin’s horror of his wife’s public hair.”