Month: February 2013


FROM NO SEQUENCE 2004? I find little more stirring than the sight of a sleek female swimmer doing the crawl through the clear waters of a swimming pool. It is not the feeling—to see more, underneath, inside—that I might have… Read More ›

Of Miracles

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 February 2013 . . . as long as the world endures. For so long, I presume, will the accounts of miracles and prodigies be found in all history, sacred and profane. — David Hume A beautiful winter… Read More ›


FROM SEQUENCE 5 January 2004 In Le neveu de Rameau Diderot writes of a not unfamiliar type: the seeming simpleton who turns out to be as sharp as a tack and more clever than an “old monkey,” as he puts… Read More ›