Revised September 2013 from Sequence 5 text, January 2004 [click for pdf]   Sick, I went with my son, then two years old, to the drugstore in the village where we had a weekend house. It so happened that this… Read More ›

Tiens, voilà une baffe

FROM SEQUENCE 3 September 2001 Tiens, voilà une baffe. Maintenant tu sais pourquoi tu pleures,” more than one exasperated French mother has been known to say, as she slaps her whining child. “Here, now you’ve been slapped and know why… Read More ›

The Master

FROM SEQUENCE 2 March 2000 (minor adjustments in 2016)   For decades I have been fascinated by a particular Zen story. A young man climbs the steepest of steep mountains to reach the home of the wisest master of all…. Read More ›