A call for kind (yet descriptive) words

kind wordsDear readers,

Soon Serving House Books will be publishing a collection of my essays, essays that originally appeared here, on Montaigbakhtinian. Traditionally the back covers of and publicity for such books features kind words from distinguished writers of similar works. Surviving the Twenty-First Century (my book) should have these.

But given that the book was born as a blog and that the work has been in dialogue with you, the readers, and with your responses and your own blog posts, I would like to include with the book and its publicity materials comments from you. Thus this request. If you would, please send a brief comment about the essays, the blog or one of the essays. Please sent your comment to montaighbakhtinian AT gmail. It will be helpful if this comment is simultaneously enthusiastic and descriptive, so that future readers may get an idea of what the book is like. (And no need to follow the silly noun-intensifier-adjective model offered above!)

I cannot guarantee how Serving House may make use of these comments, but they are as eager as I am to receive your words. Comments may be edited, particularly for length.

With great thanks both for your contributions and for your continued interest in Montaigbakhtinian. It has been a great pleasure getting to know you and your work through our particular, twenty-first century form of (electronic) dialogue.

— William Eaton


Essays included in Surviving the Twenty-First Century

Story of New York

Where are our dreams?

Wild life, wild mind

On starting over

The palest of intimacies

Of courtesy

I was waiting to use the bathroom

Warmth’s truth — published here as Warmth and love and truth

It was a warm, sunny day — published here as The Social Life of Homo Sapiens (Part I?)

Zeroing in

On just being

On just playing — published here as News from the front lines

The practice of philosophy

In winter

Stealin’, Stealin’


Ethics of our twenty-first century

My bar mitzvah (and Thanksgiving) speech

Of wonders still

What shall I learn of parenting or parenting of me?

Nurture (brand new)

The connection between shoe-tying and world peace

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