Ballad of a nullfidian

Single rock, face-like, Woodstock, drawing by William Eaton, Sep 2018 - 2Our buds are growing into earphones

And still failing to protect us

From noise and demands, requests or distress.


Online I find a chemical protection suit with tape double-wrapped,

And double storm flaps over zippered access,

On top of sock boots with outer boot flaps,

Exhaust valves gas tight and barrier gloves.


And closer to home I find other stuff that works,

Like the marinara sauce which, on my old stove,

Simmers and burps.


— Poem and drawings by William Eaton


∩ In the seventeenth century, the term “nullfidian” was used to refer to those of zero faith. Nowadays we have the term “atheist,” but my sense is the people who describe themselves with that word often have plenty of faiths and irrational beliefs. See my I am afraid we are not rid of God because we still have faith in grammar, which was published in Tiferet in 2005.

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