Parents and Children

Between walls and heads

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 May 2013 In The Genealogy of Morals (as translated by Francis Golffing), Nietzsche writes about how as a man divinely abstracted and self-absorbed into whose ears the bell has just drummed the twelve strokes of noon will… Read More ›

Of wonders still

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 January 2013 At the back of a restaurant a dozen mothers holding their infants to their chests. There is a slight sense of uncertainty, insecurity, such as one may see with first-time mothers. Am I holding my… Read More ›

In Winter

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 January 2013 At times when driving, I have not only felt sleepy but have felt, as the saying goes, “lulled to sleep.” In these moments I have not pictured some horrible car crash that might result, nor… Read More ›