This is my poem for Terminal B

jfkAnd for my son, and with thanks to the JFK Airport, Langston Hughes and Frank O’Hara


You know you’re in love when you look forward to going to an airport with someone, and

Waiting with him in the line to show your passport and in the line to empty your pockets and take off your shoes, and

Sitting face to face at a plastic orange table eating too sweet pastries and too sweet yogurt and drinking the paper-thin coffee, and then

Sitting reading or looking at a TV screen, encapsulated and compressed, together in flight with not enough oxygen, and

Not just waiting to arrive, not just on your way to some place warmer or where the food might be better, but

Happy to be with him.


Happy Thanksgiving to all, whether you are traveling, staying home or in need of a helping hand



Langston Hughes, Theme for English B (one of the great poems of American literature; concluding line: “This is my page for English B.”)

Frank O’Hara reading his poem “Having a Coke with You” (N.B. O’Hara was clearly a better writer of poems than reader-out-loud of them.)

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