Sonnet for 9/27

breastfeeding-boom-could-save-nhs-40m-a-year-independent-london-17-october-2012One looks for a partner but can only be found by love.

Since empirical research employs many more people than more intellectual pursuits, can it be wrong?

We are on pace to die of canned laughter.

The dog that I worked like.


What is not really wanted is really hard to find.

Thanks to language, the ratio of words to caresses has gotten out of balance.

A chain is a chain is a chain.

Poets have ruined hiking for me.


Our rage is no longer acceptable, even to ourselves.

The blade of her cleavage.

They lost interest in him because he was a giver not a taker, and givers quickly end up with nothing left to give.

It’s easier to get killed by a car than by a terrorist.


“Be quiet!” he yelled at the instructor who was yelling at the kids to be quiet.

Breastfeeding may soon be all that is left.


— Wm. Eaton


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Sonnet for 9/27

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