No Solution

Phlegm misting the heart

{ Chers francophones : Apaise et ouvre les trous de l’esprit — un brouillon pour une traduction — se trouve en bas. }   Overhearing someone use the word “courage.” “Something has to happen,” they told themselves. Youth, eager to… Read More ›

There is No Solution

{click for pdf}   If we imagine human beings as we do ants, if we imagine that it is the strength of the community that matters, the individual is an insignificant, replaceable foot soldier—we can easily see the value of… Read More ›

The Way

FROM SEQUENCE 2012 April 2012 [Click for pdf] I once read a book on love written by an Italian sociologist. In contrast to the guides then popular in the United States, this book suggested that we fall in love not… Read More ›