still life, leaf and petals, second derivative, created by William Eaton, May 2017Afterwards we congratulated ourselves and surveyed what remained.

Our most greatest of trials we had come through, with millions maimed

Or poisoned or killed – viruses, pollutants, war – flags waving, we proclaimed,

We were now stronger than ever and better equipped – with climate change


Much of our lower-lying areas under water, and by unconstrained

Speculation, corruption and concentration, our economy in flames –

Two separately great and hostile countries where union (briefly) reigned

Now prepared to face the challenges of a great century – unashamed


Of overt racial, religious, sexual and class warfare, and the sustained

Machine-gunning of ordinary people at school or while being so well entertained –

In what are now the two greatest countries on Earth, no damn longer restrained

By unnecessary regulations or taxes on wealth, or being unfairly drained


By the costs of health insurance and other giveaways, and our police not being framed

When they happened to kill innocent civilians, and our women again

To home- and baby-making and sexual-pleasure-giving ordained,

Thank God: that these greatest of all nations, their sanity had regained.


— Text and drawing by William Eaton


Readers may also be interested in Oh, say, can you see . . .or Situation Not Normal, All Trumped Up, or “The Limericks,” i.e.: Part I (Pence, Trump, Mueller, Capitalism), covering May 16, 2017 to July 1; Part II (Injustice, Trump, Illness, Poetry), July 2 to August 12; Part III (Animals, Capitalism, the News, First Impressions), July 2 to September 3, and Part IV (No nation on Earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals): September 4 to October 16.

Note that a century ago Thomas Hardy wrote a beautiful, more personal poem with the title Afterwards.
Click for pdf

Afterwards (Eaton, 2017)

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