The Last Limerick

Limerick 155

Glove and banana, drawing by William Eaton, Oct 2017When Shakespeare hit one hundred and fifty-four,

Of his sonnets, William (Sir Francis or Wren, Christophore) confessed,

“Posterity schmosterity,

I can write no more.”


And so I, in my dotage, reaching limerick one fifty-five,

Hazily hear my teenage son, ever wise, proposing,

“Papa, get a live,

Make a friend, enjoy the weekend,

Let your internal half rhymes and Sixties’ politics . . . ”



§ With thanks again to Walter Cummins for getting me started, back in May, on this great adventure!

— William Eaton


This limerick project began on May 16, 2017, with a new poem being added daily until October 17, 2017

Part I (Pence, Trump, Mueller, Capitalism) covers May 16 until July 1

Part II (Injustice, Trump, Illness, Poetry): July 2 to August 12

Part III (Animals, Capitalism, the News, First Impressions): July 2 to September 3

Part IV (No nation on Earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals): September 4 to October 16


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