The Drumming Circle, Woodstock

Hands on drum, Drumming Circle, Woodstock, oil pastel drawing by William Eaton, Sep 2018Featured here are a few of the many drawings I have made in some harmony with the drumming circle in Woodstock, New York. I have not been trying to “capture” the people in portraits, but to draw in rhythm with the different beats and with the scene. Often this has led me to draw dancers. These are not specific people who may be dancing in the circle in front of me; I have used imaginary dancers to convey the spirit and movement of the music.

 — William Eaton, September 2018

Drummers, male & female, Woodstock drumming circle, drawing by William Eaton, Sep 2018

Woman in red and blue, Woodstock drumming circle, Magic Meadow, 24 Sep 2018, oil pastel drawing by William EatonLeaning dancer, in black, Woodstock drumming circle, Sep 2018, drawing by William Eaton


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