Emily Dickinson

What would Emily do?

A retirement poem? Or for Americans more generally?   After Dickinson wrote two thousand poems and that didn’t quite work – Though, yes, it worked spectacularly for readers born after she died – After she had baked so many loaves… Read More ›

On the Unexpected

  {for the pdf click} 1 When she was 11, Emily Dickinson sent the following letter to a friend: “My Plants grow beautifully — you know that elegant old Rooster that Austin thought so much of — the others fight… Read More ›

The Way

FROM SEQUENCE 2012 April 2012 [Click for pdf] I once read a book on love written by an Italian sociologist. In contrast to the guides then popular in the United States, this book suggested that we fall in love not… Read More ›

Between walls and heads

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 May 2013 In The Genealogy of Morals (as translated by Francis Golffing), Nietzsche writes about how as a man divinely abstracted and self-absorbed into whose ears the bell has just drummed the twelve strokes of noon will… Read More ›