Denial the American Way

In 1982

FROM SEQUENCE 3 September 2001 Later published in Choices: A Chapbook (World Voices, Web del Sol) In 1982 I read in the Wall Street Journal a quote from an editor of a Soviet business magazine: “Our readers must be made to… Read More ›

Or else

LISTENING FOR THE UNCONSCIOUS I August 2012 I am of late but too reserved, too heavy, and too mature. My body avoids disorder and fears it. Day and night it preaches death, patience and repentance. As I used to from… Read More ›

Certum est, quia impossibile

FROM SEQUENCE 2012 May 2012 The formula for “action thrillers,” James Bond movies hardly least of all, includes the hero rushing from one calamitous situation to the next, trusting to his gadgets, quick-thinking, cool-headedness and luck to bring him through… Read More ›