Ode to Southern Californians (Their race is run?)

By the Pacific (Sunset Point, San Diego), 23 Sep 2017, pen and watercolor by William Eaton


So dearly these people they loved their sun,

Their eternal youth and happy ends, their cowboy guns,

And on real-estate developing fast making mon-



But of water they had none,

And even others’ was bound to run

Out one day when they; not glum!

And not ever moving, not a one!


On this or that freeway

Ever-widening in the sun




Text and watercolor by William Eaton

Aficionados might also be interested in satires such as The American Flag is at Half-Mast Today; Carol, Rooney! Smoking? Gun; and La colère, c’est démodé, tu ne trouves pas ? (a.k.a. Anger is archaic, don’t you think?).

As regards California, one might also see the gentler limerick #142 in The Limericks, Part IV.

From the Presidio the Pacific . . .

While from Ocean Beach, San Diego, . . .

Click for pdf

Ode to Southern Californians


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