On vacation

Dear Readers, My son, his cousin and I are off to Vermont for our annual week of fun in the woods and lakes, and on ballfields of various sorts (to say nothing of group singing and lying in our tent… Read More ›

Baudelaire Translations

Reblogging “A Week of Reading” From Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing [One in an ongoing series of posts. For the full series see Zeteo is Reading (ZiR)] [pdf of English translations appearing below] 11 August 2013: L’héautontimorouménos My hobby this summer… Read More ›

The Way

FROM SEQUENCE 2012 April 2012 [Click for pdf] I once read a book on love written by an Italian sociologist. In contrast to the guides then popular in the United States, this book suggested that we fall in love not… Read More ›

On just being

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 April 2013   Clarifying, I note that the title uses the word “just” in the sense of “merely,” “only”—“just another manic Monday”—and not in the sense of “justice.” At the same time I note that this essay… Read More ›