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  • On the Capacity to be Alone (Post for Independence Day)

    Indepedence Day (India)

    {click for pdf}   I recall that in college there was an idea of studying together. If a young couple, or a group of friends, wanted to spend time together, one thing they would do was to study together. But of… Read More ›

  • On Starting Over


    1     Driving a friend’s car, turn on the radio, NPR, I think. An actress is talking up a play she is in. Once a big name in Hollywood, now she is doing Brecht at a regional theater. She’s knows the… Read More ›

  • Why Write?

    bernini self portrait

      The goal here is to begin making a list of reasons why a specific text might be written (as opposed to, say, why take up the habit or profession of writing). I will appreciate the suggestions of writers and… Read More ›

  • Pourquoi écrire ?

    bernini self portrait

    {Click here for the English version and here for the French pdf}   L’objectif ici est de commencer à créer une liste de raisons qui pousse un écrivain à écrire, quelle que soit la teneur du texte. J’apprécierai des suggestions soit… Read More ›

  • Imagine


    Imagine that you entered into an intimate relationship with someone of a different skin color, religion, ethnic background, profession, social class or astrological sign than you. Or perhaps this other person had quite different interests—watched television programs that you scorned,… Read More ›

  • On the Unexpected

      {for the pdf click} 1 When she was 11, Emily Dickinson sent the following letter to a friend: “My Plants grow beautifully — you know that elegant old Rooster that Austin thought so much of — the others fight… Read More ›


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